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Picture 1
The Scan section

Manual Key Function.

Click on “Manual Key-in” function.
(See picture 1).

It starts a new window where to choose the type of code you have to insert manually.
(See Picture 2).

Picture 2
Type in the manual code then tap onto the search tab.

Then you’ll be redirected to a web window where your code has founded.

Picture 3
Decode From File Function.

Click on “Decode from file” function.

(See picture 3).

It opens the image gallery of your phone or tablet.

Seek for a Barcode file, then tap onto the image.

Picture 4

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Decode From URL Function.

Click on “Decode from Url” function.
(See picture 4). It opens a form where to insert the exact image web url.

Then click on decode tab.